Given the pervasive presence of numbers in talking about "the economy" it is common to think that "the economy" is an "objective-reality" because it is mostly "objective-realities" that are described with numbers - - - rather than to think of "the-economy" as a reflexive-reality - - - where the main real-aspects that play central roles are: 1. TRUST versus DISTRUST. 2. CONFIDENCE versus FEAR. 3. RESPECT versus DIS-RESPECT. 4. ANXIETIES versus COOPERATIONS. 5. TERRORS versus RECONCILIATIONS. 6. GREED versus GENEROSITY. 7. HOARDING versus HOSPITALITY. 8. CALCULATORS versus REFLEXIVE-BEINGS. 9. ECONOMICS versus Communal-Integrity. 10. ECONOMICS versus Personal-Integrity. How might we transcend the above aspects of "economics"? Domineering Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters declare that: 1. Alienative-Conflicts deserve more attention, than do patterns of cooperation. 2. Polarizations and Dichotomies deserve more alienative-attention, than do Integrities-and-Processes-of-Integration. 3. It is good to augment Alienative-Conflicts in order to Augment-Profits and The-Economy. 4. It is good for a few people to be Dominant and to manage most powers and wealth for everybody else. 5. Isolation and Alienation from Nonconformists is GOOD for Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters and their superior Life-Styles - - - helping them to augment the overall alienation and disintegration of those participants and victims who as victims are contributing to the growth of "THE ECONOMY".