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Civilizations Rise-and-Fall depending upon how well they balance the integrative-and-destructive aspects of affirmed- priorities in regards to: 1. Generating Healthy-Motivations and Guidance due to interactions among: Greed Visions Hopes Balanced-Clusters-of-Ideals-Values-Virtues Education Meditations Prayers 2. Facilitations of the Mitigations-of-Alienative-Conflicts and of Their Consequent-Alienations between/among people. The realities that generate high-levels-of-consensuses at the theoretical-levels - - - often function tragically-poorly when it comes to generating-prudent-sustained-motivations to translate ideals into graciously-sustained cooperative-action. Those realities that offer the essential foundations for ideological-guidance - - - often fail to generate and sustain significant levels of collaborative planning and motivation to do what needs to be done EARLY - - - to avoid getting trapped in the Prisons-of-Alienation that are created by: Alienative-Conflicts Resultant-forms-of-Alienation Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception Alienative: Ideals, Ideologies, Values, Principles, Technologies, Technocrats, Technocracies and "Virtues". Alienative: Economic-Systems, Health-Care-Systems, Educational-Systems, Religious-Organizations, Military-Complexes Alienative: Multi-National-Corporations 4 Profit-Only, Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes 4 Profit-Only.