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It is clear that God does NOT call true prophets to conform to: 1. The demands, commands, expectations, life-styles, teachings or other aspects of the Life-Styles of: a. Domineering-Bullies, b. Mobbing-Mobsters, c. Concentrators of Wealth, Power and/or Influence, d. People who are Arrogant or Self-Righteous, e. Isolationists, Colonialists, Terrorists or otherwise Violent-People, f. People who alienate themselves from most other people, g. Purists, Perfectionists, or Self-Identified-Egocentric Superior-People, h. Conformists and Utterly-Submissive-People. 2. Simplistic-Idealists who are Naive about real humane-complex-intimate-healthy-relationships of True-Lovers in LOVE. 3. The will of a major coalition of powerful-people or of the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes around the world. 4. The demands of any Calculative-Economic-System which is indifferent to Communal-Integrity and Personal-Integrity. 5. Alienated: Specialists, Engineers, Scientists, Technocrats, Investors, Bankers, Adventurers, News-Commentators or their "best" friends and relatives. 6. People who destroy/negate more than they integrate/affirm in the long term. 7. People who create and/or augment more Alienative-Conflicts than they Graciously-Mitigate in Cooperative-Efforts with other participants/victims and/or complicit-neighbors in those Alienative-Conflicts. 8. People who create and/or augment more Alienative: Conflicts, Polarizations and/or Dichotomizations - - - than they Mitigate and/or Integrate - - - in the many mutually-complementary ways of Shalom-in-LOVE.