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To help each other to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts, we need to focus upon and affirm Clusters-of-Mutually- Complementary-Gracious-Standards, Ideals and Virtues - - - that cannot be easily Used-and-Abused by Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters - - - to get what they want form us in Alienative-Ways. The Standards, Ideals and Virtues that are most easily Used-and-Abused by Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - - Often-Feature: 1. Prescriptions, 2. Proscriptions, 3. Prerequisites-to-Acceptance and/or Inclusion, 4. Demands-and/or-Expectations of Conformity, 5. Grounds-for-Exclusion from Dialogue-and-Community, 6. Enforcement by Coercion, Violence and/or Threats, 7. Myths affirming the Redemptive-Powers of: Coercion, Violence, Exclusion and/or Excommunications, 8. Myths affirming the Redemptive-Powers of Knowing Who is Good and/or Who is Evil, 9. Myths affirming the Redemptive-Powers of Knowing what is God's-Will, 10. Myths affirming the Redemptive-Powers of Knowing ABSOLUTE-TRUTH with ABSOLUTE-CERTAINTY! 11. Myths affirming that Domineering-Bullies have the right to Own-and-Control Poor-and-Vulnerable-People as Possessions and/or Tools-to-be-Used and/or Abused; and to control their Personal-Relationships, Communications, and Intimacies; as Servants, Slaves, and Sexual-Objects. The Mutually-Complementary-Gracious: Standards, Ideals, Principles and Virtues that are Lease-Easily-Used-and-Abused by Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - - focus our Affirmations upon: 0. Informal-Integrative-Processes and Present-Integrities, 1. Descriptions of Shalom's Many Ways-of-Reconciliation, 2. Descriptions of Shalom's Many Ways-of-Being-Together in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, 3. Descriptions of Shalom's Many Ways-of-Cooperation and/or Colaboration, 4. Grounds-for-Hope in Hospitality, Generosity and Love; 5. Working Cooperatively to Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-conflicts, 6. Reflexive-and-Objective Systems-Analyses of all kinds of our relationships with each other, 7. Letting-Go of Alienative: Techniques, Technologies, Technocrats and Technocracies; 8. Modesty, Humility, Meekness in Resisting: Violence, Coercion and Domination; 9. Knowledge of and Honesty about Human Limits and Environmental-Limitations in regards to Sustainable-Life-Styles within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth in its Essential-Isolation from Extra-Terrestrial-Pure-Material-Resources. 10. How Best to Facilitate-and-Encourage Honesty-about-the-Advantages of Letting-Go of Domineering-Bullies-Life-Styles.