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It is rarely truly helpful to: 1. Become an activist, 2. Take a Stand, 3. Join a Cause, 4. Become involved in a battle, 5. Try to settle a dispute, 6. Make a definitive judgement, 7. Oppose Evil, 8. Try to Make-Things-Right, 9. Eliminate-Injustice, 10. Make people to do the right thing - - - While Guided-and-Motivated-By: Ignorance Prejudice Confusion Self-Righteousness Arrogance Extreme-Self-Confidence Greed Provincial - Perspectives Ignorance Domineering-Bullies Extremists Mobbing-Mobsters Confusion Concentration Of-Wealth And-Powers A Large-Crowd Single-Issue-Idealists Superior-People ABSOLUTE-TRUTH God'-WILL Specialists Technocrats Alienated-People Transcendent People