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When people are engaged in communications about meeting and fulfilling various kinds of most basic and healthy needs of all kinds of people - - - there are numerous topics, issues and questions that need to be the focus of general attention: 1. What are the various reasons for the diverse needs being: (a) Met/fulfilled; (b) Partially Met/fulfilled; (c) NOT-Met/fulfilled? 2. What are the proper criteria for evaluating the importances of the above disparities to: (a) Wealthy and Powerful-People, (b) Community-Leaders, (c) Poor and Powerless-People? 3. What are the explicitly/implicitly operative: ideas, ideals, values, purposes, principles, virtues, assumptions; arbitrators, mediators, grounds and foundations - - - for resolutions and/or mitigations of operative - - - - Alienative-Conflicts among the members of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth, who are involved in various ways? 4. Who should bear the primary responsibility for helping to see that the most essential and healthy real needs of the members of the Crew of Space-Ship-Earth are: met, fulfilled, arbitrated, mediated, resolved, etc.: (a) Individuals acting in isolation? (b) Not-for-Profit-Groups of Individuals? (c) Formal-For-Profit-Corporations working to maximize the Profits of their Formal-Investors-for-Profit? (d) Informal-Not-For-Profit Non-Governmental-Agencies within Isolated-Nations? (e) Informal-Not-For-Profit Non-Governmental-Agencies within International-Contexts? (f) Elected Non-Governmental-Leaders? (g) Elected-Governmental-Leaders? (h) Appointed-Leaders - - - - Non-Governmental and Governmental? (i) Religious-Groups and/or Coalitions? (j) Secular-Groups and/or Coalitions? (k) Certified-Experts in Providing Technical-Solutions-to-Technical-Problems? (l) Domineering-Bullies and/or Rich-and-Powerful-Leaders? (m) Poor-People and/or Rebellious-People? (n) Vulnerable and/or Confused-People? (o) Excluded and/or Ignorant-People? (p) Favored and/or Violent-People? (q) True-Lovers and/or Ridiculed-People? (r) Coercive and/or Rebellious-People? (s) Informal experts in Reflexive-Systems-Analysis? (t) Formally Trained and appointed Academic-Experts in Reflexive-Systems-Analysis? 5. Who should clarify the above confusing issues, questions and communications; to help the participants in Mitigating- Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts that are regularly leading them into Tragic-Consequences? 6. Who should bear the primary responsibility for Mitigating-People's Own Alienative-Conflicts that are related to effective and ineffective communications about meeting the needs of all members of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space- Ship-Earth - - - which is Essentially-Isolated from Extra-Terrestrial-Material-Resources like those which are being Depleted through Exponentially-Increasing-Rates-of-Consumption within Astronomically-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth?