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In a course on "Mitigating Our Own Alienative Conflicts" students can helpfully be challenged to find, contrast and compare texts on the world wide web which contain the word strings such as: "Mitigate Our Own Alienative Conflicts" "Mitigate Their Own Alienative Conflicts" "Mitigating Our Own Alienative Conflicts" "Mitigating Their Own Alienative Conflicts" "Mitigation of Our Own Alienative Conflicts" "Mitigation of Their Own Alienative Conflicts" or other word strings which combine a word related to "mitigate" with "Own Alienative Conflicts" perhaps in combination with other words such as: Reconcile Open Honest Dialogue Listen Hospitality Gracious Generosity Sensitive Empathy Distributive Justice Poor Widow Baby Child Helpless Hopeless Homeless Refugee War Terror Violence Coercion Injustice Domination Mobster Steal Embezzle Hoard Greed Envy Arrogant Righteous Superior Inferior Justified Salvation Unilateral Attack All Long-Term-Effective Mitigations of Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts will involve Our-Focusing-Our-Attentions Upon: 1. People Mitigating Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts and Their-Own-Patterns of Alienation. (Which may involved US!) 2. Diverse-Healthy and Well-Integrated-Personal-Relationships. (Which may NOT be like our own!) 3. The Processes-of-Humane-Reconciliations and Creative-Cooperation. (Which we may NOT be involved in, in any way!) 4. Facilitating-and-Augmentation-and-Honest-Dialogues in Intimate-Relationships. (In which we may not be involved.) 5. Meeting the meeting of all of the most basic needs of all of the crew of Space-Ship-Earth. (Which has never been done.) 6. Being-Open-and-Honest about mortals' limitations and constraints which cannot be eliminated. 7. Being-Open-and-Honest about how Astronomically-Tiny God's Space-Ship-Earth actually is. 8. Being-Open-and-Honest about how Essentially-Isolated God's Space-Ship-Earth is from External-Material-Resources. 9. Honestly-Mitigating Alienative: Ideals, Ideas, Values, Principles, Hopes, Visions, Dreams and Vices including: Arrogance Self-Righteousness Insensitivity Unilateral-Actions Invulnerability Coercion Violence