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Domineering-Bullies do not dress as such. Domineering-Bullies Dress-Up to indicate that they-are-good-respectable-people who engage in good-successful-works - - - to Grow-The-Economy upon which we all depend in mysterious hidden ways - - - that Domineering-Bullies Know-how-to-Manipulate - - - to make the rain-to-shine-in-their-domineering-friends - - - with suggestions that some water will trickle into the neighborhoods of the poor-people, the widows and the sick children whose fathers have abandoned. Without the Good-Appearances of Good-Domineering-Bullies there can be not good economy. thank the Good-Bullies who take the trouble to Dress-Up and keep our Good-Economy running year-in and year-out! Thanks-Be-To-Good-Bullies upon whom we can depend every day!