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The most helpful responses to essays, such as those found here at, will be those of the following kinds: 1. Editorial suggestions that offer overall positive, constructive and gracious ways of making observations and suggestions - - - that are parallel to and/or complementary to those of a particular designed essay which the reader has in fact read. 2. Editorial suggestions that are designed to help mitigate unnecessarily alienative actions to a particular designed essay which has in fact been read. 3. Editorial suggestions that are designed to help a particular kind of readers to respond more constructively to the revised essay - - - than to the original essay - - - for any of many possible reasons. 4. Editorial suggestions of possible helpful additions to particular designated essays - - - so that the augmented essay offers an overall more balanced presentation than did the original essay. 5. References to poetry, music, song, art, drama,dance, parables, role-laying-exercises and other forms of activity - - - to help people who communicate in those ways - - - to understand some of the points that are made in particular essays. 6. Explanations of how and why particular essays made no sense to a reader the first time through, and how the reader later found new ways to approach the originally obscure and senseless essay - - - to find ways to respond to the essay in helpful meaningful ways.