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Alienative-Conflicts can originate in bonding: between-people, between a person and a group-of-people, and/or between-groups of people --- that have internalized Alienative-Conflicts and/or Incoherent: Assumptions Attitudes Ideals Ideas Values Principles Virtues Visions Hopes Fantasies Due to such bondings - - - the bonded-realities': Integrity, Coherence and Authenticity are undermined - - - until the internalized Alienative-Conflicts are Mitigated-Internally due to initiatives by the people who are Most-Involved in the Alienative-Conflicts and/or through the initiatives of the Victims of the Alienative-Conflicts. Alienative-Conflicts can also originate in objections of Domineering-Bullies who are: 1. Trying to Control other people's: Thoughts Perceptions Assumptions Attitudes Communications Desires Pleasures Intimacies Bondings Buying Investments Budgets Priorities Work Learning Tragedies 2. Trying to Concentrate Wealth-and-Powers without-limit or constraint. 3. Playing-to-Win - - - Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. Such objections flow from Domineering-Bullies': Greed Contentions Insecurity Anxieties Fears Prejudices Fears Confusion Such Alienative-Conflicts are not likely to be Mitigated without the cooperation of some of the Domineering-Bullies who made the initiating objections cooperating with some of the victims of the Alienative-Conflicts which they initiated. Such Alienative-Conflicts are not likely to be Mitigated by "OUTSIDERS" in the absence of cooperation of the Domineering- Bullies who made the initiating objections and/or the victims of the Alienative-Conflicts.