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Central to the work of True-Lovers who are Truly-Committed to helping people to Mitigate-Their-Own-Conflicts - - - are activities which help people to: (a) Transcend, (b) Let-Go-Of and (c) Mitigate Within-Space-Ship-Earth-as-a-Whole: 1. Respect for Alienative-Conflicts, 2. Honors for Alienative-Behaviors, 3. Admiration of Domineering-Bullies, 4. Admiration of Mobbing-Mobsters, 5. Deference toward Domineering-Leaders, 6. Imitations of Domineering-Bullies' Life-Styles, 7. Coveting Concentrations of Wealth and Powers, 8. Greed for what Bullies Now-Control, 9. Wanting to Be-Certain - - - Like Domineering-Leaders are Certain, 10. Needing to be Freed from Doubt by Domineering-Leaders, 11. Seeking Unilateral-Redemption-and-Salvation, 12. Honoring Redemptive-Violence-and-Coercion, 13. Teaching Superior-Techniques by which to Concentrate-Power-And-Wealth, 14. Giving Prizes to Alienative-Technocrats-and-Bullies, 15. Alienative-Economic-Growth-and-Wealth-Concentrations, 16. Alienative Computations of How-Good People are, 17. Alienative Computations of How-Evil People are, 18. Repressions of: Creativity, Love and Tolerance. 19. Repressions of Open-and-Honest-Dialogues. 20. Repressions of Exposures-to-Public-View - - - of the Costs-of-Alienation, 21. Pretentious forms of Virtues-and-Good-Works, 22. Being Grumpy due to Being-Too-Busy, 23. Being Confused due to a Lack of Relaxation and Sleep, 24. Being Misguided due to a Lack of time for: Meditation, Prayer and Overall-Reflexive-Systems-Analyses, 25. Being Alienated by being constantly involved in Frantic-Activities to Eliminate-Evil from our communities.