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NEGATIONS are harder to prove as worthy of trust, or not worthy of trust, than it is to prove AFFIRMATIONS to be worthy of trust, or not worthy of trust. A single instance of an AFFIRMATION being shown to be deficient - - - is enough to undermine trust in the AFFIRMATION. A single instance of apparent confirmation of a NEGATION does not usually elicit trust in the NEGATION. HOWEVER: Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception are often about NEGATIONS which are so fragile - - - that they must not be made as explicit NEGATIONS - - - because making the NEGATION explicit makes it far easier to expose the lack of integrity in the NEGATION. To undermine Collusive-Games-of--Mutual-Self-Deception we may need only to make the Implicit-Negation - - - Overtly- Explicit in some clear-way - - - as Graciously-As-Possible. 1. "Humans have NOT impacted significantly upon the natural cycles of climate change." The most thorough studies of earth's climate include human behaviors which started adding Carbon-Dioxide to the atmosphere only a few hundred years ago; at the same time that the modern process of Global-Warming accelerated. Climate modeling which seeks to explain the last two hundred years of reliable global data about temperatures around the world, FAIL; in the absence of taking into consideration the adding of Carbon-Dioxide to the atmosphere by humans burning coal, oil and natural gas. Human "innocence" in Modern-Global-Warming is a Collusive-Game-of-Mutual-Self- Deception. 2. "Humans will NOT RUN OUT of usable supplies of oil, natural gas and coal - - - for hundreds of years." There cannot be more usable fossil fuels in God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth than the volume of the outer thousands of feet of the relatively-dry outer-thin-skin of Space-Ship-Earth; under an area of the thin outer-skin that is order-of-magnitude like that of the successfully harvested fields of coal and oil wells; and of comparable average thickness to those such deposits. Our current Exponential-Growth-Rate of burning such-an-amount of fossil-fuels cannot be sustained for more that a few hundred years; as we are doubling the-amount-consumed-per-twenty-years, every- twenty years; consuming about a cubic mile of fossil fuels per year; about 20 cubic miles per double-decade; and doubling the amount every double-decade. Do the math!