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When the members of a community fail-to-engaged in Mitigating-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - in the Long-Term they find Tragically that their communal: Integrity, Authenticity, Health and Vitality go-over-the-hill and collapse through their LOSS-OF-TRUST in: Each-Other, Communal-Institutions, Political-Candidates, The-Government, The-Dominant-Businesses, The-Judicial-System, The-Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes, and the Redemptive-Powers-of: Violence, Coercion, Unilateral-Actions, Terrorists, Terrorism, and Wars-Against-Terrorists. When We-Change and Approach-Each Other with Authentic-Good-Will - - - we can help each-other to lay the foundations for Our-Working-Cooperatively in Mitigating Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts by HONESTLY: seeing, recognizing, acknowledging and describing the kinds of roles which we have been playing - - - and the flawed-logic of efforts as contestants in Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - - that are Long-Term-Costly-for-ALL-OF-US; e.g. BY BEING: 1. Passive By-Standers who tolerate other's alienative actions, 2. Initiators of Good-Conflicts on behalf of Good-Causes, 3. Intruding to stop-evil-conflicts unilaterally, 4. Self-Righteous-Preachers against violence used to achieve evil purposes, 5. Negotiators trying to settle-conflicts which others want to win unilaterally, 6. Judges unilaterally-deciding which side should win a conflict; and by how much, 7. Candidates for powerful public office planning to tilt conflicts so the righteous people win conflicts, 8. Political-Party-Leaders helping the Right-Candidate to win elections - - - by whatever means are necessary, 9. Political-Science-Academics creating scientific understandings of political conflicts and how they should get settled, 10. technical-Experts helping economists to keep "the-economy" healthy, robust and always-growing in profitable ways, 11. Statisticians studying historic trends and accurately predicting in a timely way what will happen next, 12. Pollsters taking the temperatures of public opinions about current Alienative-Conflicts that are Heating-Up, 13. Legislators writing laws to insure the Alienative-Conflicts are played fulfill the "public-will", 14. District-Attorneys enforcing the legislators determinations of what is the "public-will", 15. Bullies-Competing-Successfully to get the biggest pieces of pie as successful capitalists concentrating wealth/powers, 16. Religious-Leaders working to get their followers to conform to proper codes of ethics and morality, 17. Elected-Political-Leaders faithfully representing those who paid to get them elected to do their will, 18. Technocrats promoting the superior utility of their superior technologies to get the right things done, 19. Religious-Leaders teaching the Absolute-Truth about Heaven, Hell, Sex, Sin, Virtue, Righteousness, and Salvation; 20. Scientists making reliable predictions about human affairs based upon certain objective evidence, 21. Economists studying how greedy people compete while trying to concentrate wealth, properties, and manufactured goods; 22. Investors maximizing their short term profits most efficiently and effectively; 23. Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex-Leaders planning more profitable-wars against evil-foreign-national-leaders, 24. Colluders improving the science of Winning-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception before the Total-Collapse-of-Them; 25. Insurance Companies maximizing their profits by insuring only low risk customers; 26. CEO's maximizing-Corporate-Profits by Externalizing-Costs into the least-powerful-neighborhoods of their-communities. In the absence of the above kinds of efforts for the Long-Term-Common-Good; we are bound to encounter the Long-Term-Common- Tragedies that eventually befall each community that is NOT-ENGAGED in Mitigating-Its-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.
Often our Favorite-Fantasies are NOT-LONG-TERM-SUSTAINABLE! We will do well to Let-Go of such Unsustainable-Fantasies before it is too late! But, that is NOT easy! Be-Aware and Beware!