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We cannot with integrity deal well with the issues related to the following set of words - - - without giving attention to their inter-connections, our own patterns of INTER-DEPENDENCE: ========================================================================================================================= Safety Security Risk Sustainability Invulnerability Domination Independence Interdependence Honesty Integrity Health Wealth Power Concentration Corruption Falling Exponential- Growth Limited- Resources Astronomical-Tiny Space-Ship- Earth Sexual- Addiction Economic- System Communal- Common-Good Welfare Integrity Authenticity Concentrations Wealth Power Greed Corruption Personal Reflexive Natural-Law Descriptions Proven- Theories Hypotheses Global-Warming Rising-Oceans Pure-Water Polluted-Water Polluted-Air Pure-Minerals Entropy Garbage Infra-Red-Radiation Confusion Ignorance Prejudices Science Engineering Dilemma Problem Computer-Revolution Information Wisdom Diplomacy Prudence Solid-State Physics Meditation Prayerful-Thinking Magic Mystery Influence Demands Democracy Majority Rule Dictators Military Industrial Congressional Complexes Profits Greed Hoarding Simplistic-Fools Tragic-Errors Love Shalom Grace Multiple Ways Paths Exclusive Absolute Truth Certainty Doubt Aliens Strangers Alone Segregated Poor Vulnerable Risks ========================================================================================================================= Wisdom-and-Prudence flow from well-informed and thoughtful people - - - being well integrated with each other in healthy Communal-Sanctuaries engaged Graciously in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues that describe and deal with all of the inter-related issues and alienative-conflicts which stand in the way of all members of the Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship- Earth helping each other to have all of their Basic-Healthy-Needs Adequately-Met in the All-Around-Cooperative Diverse- Ways-of-Shalom --- in the ABSENCE of long Un-Mitigated Alienative-Conflicts among Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters of all kinds and "communities".