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A university course on helping people to graciously Mitigate their Own Alienative Conflicts - - - may focus upon Open-and- Honest-Dialoge about the Alienative-Conflicts that are described in essays available at; as well as in many other essays available via searches for other relevant web-sites on the world-wide-web. Exclusivity in such an effort will not be helpful! It will NOT be helpful for students in such a course to regard any one text, person or organization AS UTTERLY AND EXCLUSIVELY RELIABLE - - - IN THE PLACE OF any other text, person or organization. People who do that are practicing IDOLATRY; i.e., worshipping false gods - - - perhaps gods that are playing collusive games of mutual self deception in hell, and trying to win those games in hell. They cannot help people to Mitigate their OWN ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS! The above applies equally to interpreters of texts - - - and to interpretations of texts! Be-Aware and Beware! All behaviors which augment-alienative-conflicts - - - will be inappropriate within the context of a university course on learning how to help participants-in and victims-of alienative conflicts - - - to Mitigate-their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.