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Students in a University Course on helping people to Mitigate their own Alienative-Conflicts - - - can find it useful to find ways to "translate" what they discern upon reading essays such as these at - - - into the creation of: narrative-literature, poetry, dramatic-presentations, worship-services, music, song, symphonies, ballet, dance, stories, novels, myths, parables, etc. - - - to help different kinds of people to take gracious steps toward mitigating their own Alienative-Conflicts - - - while transcending the divisive/alienative boundaries between: 1. Religious-Traditions': Scriptures, Doctrines, Rituals, Liturgies, Hierarchies, Organizations, Rules, Commandments, etc. 2. Political-Parties': Issues, Candidates, Campaigns, Concentrations-of-Wealth, Concentrations-of-Powers, Arrogance, etc. 3. Economic-Systems and Layers of Concentrated-Wealth which are turning into solid-rock-foundations for Firm-Corruption. 4. High-Levels of Educational Specialization and/or Sophistication. 5. High-Levels of Scientific Specialization and/or Sophistication. 6. Higher-Levels of Technological/Technocratic Specialization and/or Sophistication like Mutually-Guaranteed-Destruction. 7. Ways to Undermine Non-Violent-Resistance by Gracious-True-Lovers who oppose Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes. 8. Nationalistic and Colonial Movements and Rebellions. 9. Expressions of Humane-Sexuality within Contrasting-Life-Styles that fail to Conform-Properly. 10. Family-Traditions, Structures, Hierarchies, and Deep-Ruts which cannot and must not be transcended. It can also be helpful to find other texts in other sources which say similar things - - - but in creatively different ways. It can also be helpful to find texts which can be taken to be contradictory - - - and to discuss openly and honestly why that might reasonably be the case - - - and look at the merits of each perspective/point-of-view. Why might each of them appeal to people with different heritages and genetic-DNA-strings? What should be done about that possibility?