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Domineering-Bullies have often appointed themselves and each other as exclusive representatives of Transcendent-Realities: Powers, Spirtis, Angels, Gods, Dictators, Emperors, Kings, Queens, etc. Domineering-Bullies often claim for themselves the exclusive right to say what their transcendent realities require of other more vulnerable people; and deny that more vulnerable people can reliably know anything about their transcendent realities - - - apart from what the Self-Appointed High-Priests of their Transcendent-Realities - - - Have-Through-Them-Taught! To the extent that arrogant people depend upon alieantive-concentrations of wealth and power, they do not merit our trust! It is safer to trust our own-authentic-experiences-of and open-and-honest-dialogues-about - - - our own patterns-of- alienationn-and-destruction that are generated when-we-trust Domineering-Leaders who lead-us-into-patterns of: 1. Preparing to trust the Myths that affirm "Redemptive"; Violence, Coercion, Exclusivity, Pretentions, Shunnings, Greed, Excommunications and Concentrations of Wealth and Powers as in the often honored FIGHTING of: Wars Terrorists Evil-People Enemies Criminals Scientific-Discoveries True-Lovers Strangers Outsiders Foreigners Opponents Non-Conformists Creative-People Shalom's-Ways Other-Party-Political-Leaders Leaders-in-Different-Nations Leaders-of-Different-Races Leaders-of-Different-Religions 2. Being Indifferent-To and/or Unaware of: a. Systemic-Distributive-Injustice, b. Handicaps due to diseases and injuries experienced most by power and vulnerable peoples, c. The costs for all generatetd by the concentrations of wealth and power into the hands of very few people, d. The Impossibiliity-of-Fulfilling Unsustainable-Dreams-Fantasies-and-Visions, e. The Possibility-of-Fulfilling the Visions of Being-Graciously-Together in the Sanctuaries-of-Shalom in LOVE, f. The Impossibility of Domineering-Bullies ever helping us to Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts, g. The impossibility of Sustaining our traditional patterns of human EXPONENTIAL-GROWTH in human patterns of: Population-Totals and Population-Densities; Per-capita-consumptions of: energy, fuels, pure-minerals; Per-capita-polutions of: Air, Hidden-Waters, Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, Sea-Shores, and "vacant-lands". Luxury-Housing for the greatest concentrators of wealth, powers and influence. WITHIN GOD'S ASTRONOMICALLY-TINY SPACE-SHIP-EARTH - - - that has inside it limited Pure-Material-Resources and is forever - - - ESSENTIALLY-ISOLATED FROM ALL EXTRA-TERRESTIAL CONCENTRATIONS-OF-ESSENTIAL-PURE-MATERIAL-RESOURCES - - - But has, and will have, an abundent enduring supply of SOLAR-ENERGY Coming into the Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship - - - Every second, minute, hour, day, week, year, decade, century - - - and far into the future.