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In authentic-mutually-agreeable Intimate-Relationships - - - the participants reveal to each other aspects of themselves which involve vulnerability and potentially-high-levels-of-risk - - - that are appropriate only in the presence of correspondingly-high-levels-of-well-informed: trust, integrity, sensitivity, empathy, sympathy, generosity and hospitality. Domineering-Bullies do-not and can-not provide any such presence of high-levels-of-well-informed: trust, integrity, sensitivity, empathy, sympathy, generosity and hospitality. Domineering-Bullies cannot WITH-INTEGRITY do any of the following: 1. Enter into authentically mutual-and-agreeable sustainable Intimate-Relationships - - - without first truly Letting-Go of and Renouncing the Essential-Elements of the Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing Mobsters. 2. Demand intimacy-rights of any kind. 3. Trick vulnerable-people into sharing intimate aspects of themselves - - - by pretending to be able to enter into an Authentic-Intimate-Personal-Relationship with any other person. 4. Help any person or persons to Mitigate Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts. 5. Resolve any Alienative-Conflicts for any other people anywhere. 6. Serve as a mediator or negotiator in Resolving any Alienative-Conflicts. 7. Sustain any form of Exponential-Growth without limit within God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth which Space-Ship is Essentially-Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial-Concentrations of Pure-Material-Resources which Domineering-Bullies-Take-For-Granted as always available form them to consume faster and faster. It is exceedingly unlikely that any of the following kinds of actions will ever contribute-with-integrity to the Mitigation-of-Any-Alienative-Conflict: 1. Unilateral actions by any person, persons, or organization. 2. Violent actions by any person, persons, or organization. 3. Coercive actions by any person, persons, or organization. 4. Alienative actions by any person, persons, or organization. 5. Arrogant actions by any person, persons, or organization. 6. Attack actions by any person, persons, or organization. 7. Punitive actions by any person, persons, or organization. 8. Concentrations of Wealth by any person, persons or organizations. 9. Concentrations of Power by any person, persons or organizations. 10. Actions motivated by fear, anxiety, greed or terror. 11. Actions taken due to ignorance, biases, prejudices, and imposed threats. 12. Actions taken by Self-Righteous, Egocentric and/or Provincial people of any "Superior" kind. 13. Actions taken to identify people who are inherently/essentially "EVIL-PEOPLE". 14. Actions taken to identify people who are inherently/essentially "GOOD-PEOPLE" 15. Attempts to force rebellious people to reform, conform, and/or behave properly according Domineering-Bullies. 16. Attempts to force people with little wealth, health or power to do as Domineering-People say they should do. 17. Excommunications, Banishments, Shunnings, and the refinements of membership requirements of exclusive "clubs". 18. Making any kinds of improvements in Hierarchies, Rank-Ordering and/or Caste Systems of Communal-Management. 19. Focusing upon Utterly Transcendent-Realities that Common-Vulnerable-People cannot interact with on a daily basis. 20. Focusing heavily upon Superior-People who have access to knowledge that most people cannot evaluate. In contrast, the following kinds of actions and relationships will often contribute-with-integrity to the Mitigation- of-Alienative-Conflicts Within-US and Among-US: 1. Gracious-Cooperative actions that are agreeable to all those involved and/or affected by the actions. 2. Gracious-Mutually-Agreed upon Actions involving People-Being-Together-in-Shalom's-Diverse-Ways. 3. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues among True-Lovers seeking to Mitigate their OWN-Alienative-Conflicts. 4. Efforts of True-Lovers seeking to Affirm-and-Demonstrate the Essential-Foundations-of-Civility and Civilizations. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about efforts to ACCURATELY-DESCRIBE all-kinds-of-realities; such as: Objects Objective-Interactions Objective-Relationships Objective-Processes Humane-Objections Persons Personal-Interactions Personal-Relationships Reflexive-Relationships Humane-Relationships Virtues Personal-Integrities Personal-Integrations Personal-Authenticity Personal-Intimacies Communities Healthy-Communities Un-Healthy-Communities Communal-Integrities Communal-Integrations Disease Diseased-Communities Diseased-People Diseased-Relationships Systemic-Injustice Vices Alienative-Ideals Alienative-Values Alienative-Principles Alienative-Conflicts CONCENTRATIONS Of-Wealth/Money/"Goods" Of-Powers Of-Luxuries Of-Limited-Resources EXPONENTIALLY GROWING-Consumption GROWING-Garbage DEPLETION-OF-FUELS GROWING-POLLUTION ALIENATIVE Arrogance Self-Righteousness Pretentiousness Contentions/Negations Tragedies Simplistic-Idealists Provincial-Idealists Isolationists Exclusive-Clubs/Religions Catastrophes Resource-Exhaustions Exponential-Growth Exponential-Collapse Falling-Civilizations Polarizations Dichotomizations Arrogance Self-Righteousness Contentiousness Negativity Demonizations Terrorism Preparing-for-War Mutually-Assured-Destruction Affirmations Clarifications Suggestions Systems-Analyses Overall-Integrations Demonizations Torture Entrapments Imprisonments Genocide Confirmations: Of-Communications Of-Intentions Of-Feelings Of-Fears-and-Anxieties Confirmations: Of-Paraphrases Received-Descriptions Received-Insights Received-Expectations Confirmations: Of-Expressed-Basic-Needs Of-Rights-Promised Of-Responsibilities Of-Duties-Articulated Confirmations: Of-Promises-Made Of-Covenants-Entered-Into Of-Reasonable-Hopes Of-Visions-Articulated Confirmations: Of-Alienative-Conflicts Of-Forms-of-Alienation Of-Forms-of-Violence Of-Forms-of-Arrogance All-Healthy-Communications are dependent upon and inter-dependent upon the PRESENCE/ABSENCE of the following realities: 1. The contexts within which they are offered, received, interpreted and conformed via paraphrases. 2. Similarities and Contrasts between the sender and receivers --- of all kinds; e.g., power, wealth, education, etc. 3. Levels of trust and respect between the sender and receivers --- in all kinds or realms; economic, intimacies, sex; 4. Equality in: wealth, power, health, possessions, security, honor, inclusion, being-listened-to and responded to; 5. Equality in opportunities for education, employment, contributions, health-care, open-and-honest-dialogues; 6. Arrogance and self-righteousness on the part of leaders in the community. 7. People-Playing-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception while expecting to Win-In-Big-Ways! 8. Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters within all kinds of realms of human relationships! 9. Addicts, Codependent-Supporters of Addicts in all diverse kinds of Addiction: Chemical, Work, Sexual, Personal, Power! 10. Concentrations of: Power, Influence, Wealth, Possessions, Honors, Rewards, Punishments, Terrors, Violence, Terror, . .