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Our human identities and our: health, integrities, vitalities and sustainability - - - all depend upon how coherently we Invest our: Time Attention Concerns Energies Efforts Reasoning Planning Meditations Admiration Honor and Reverence Our Human identities, with their many aspects, also depend upon our affirming-and-building coherent patterns of personal-and-communal: 1. Cooperation-and-Colaboration, 2. Mutually-Supportive and balanced: ideals, values and principles; 3. Communications, Intimacies, Hospitality, Generosity and Bondings; 4. Civility, Open-and-Honest-Dialogues which include Attentive-Listening; 5. Mutual Respect-and-Consideration in dealing with each other's Basic-Needs. Each of the above Essential-Realities in Healthy-Civilizations - - - - ARE UNDERMINED BY EACH OF THE FOLLOWING: Greed Hoarding Covetousness Possessiveness Envy Exclusivity Arrogance Self-Righteousness Excommunications Terrorism Egotism Self-Centeredness Provincialism Isolationism Wars Domination Invulnerability Hubris Violence Mobbing-Mobsters Contentiousness Negativity Polarizations Dichotomizations Attacks Isolated and/or Alienated - - - Guides, Perspective, Motivations, Demands and Commands. Concentrations of Excessive Wealth and/or Powers into the hands of amy few Domineering-People. Pretentions of having Transcendent/Absolute: Knowledge, Powers, Rights, Privileges, Duties, etc. Pretentions of being Personally-Superior to almost all Other-People - - - who are all Inferior-People.