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**** COURSE KEYS Some people and their identities can be well known and understood by knowing about their closest relationships with the most central/intimate people within their lives: 1. Their True-Lovers, 2. Their Inter-Dependent-Workers, 3. Their Alienated-Mortal-Enemies, 4. The Addicts and Codependent Supporters in their lives, 5. Their teachers and professors, 6. Their business associates, etc. Such people's identities may be essentially linked and interdependent in both healthy and unhealthy ways; in well-intended and in perverse ways that are often unknown to many others who are apparently "close" to them; because of the TABOO aspects of their identities and relationships --- within the context of pervasive Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- that define who and what kinds of close relationships can be: Open, Honest, Honorable, Admired, Respected, Imitated, Influential, Creative, etc. The above hints at the difficulties which we encounter in trying to understand how and why people respond to us as they do. There may be many walls which prevent us from becoming aware of the many motivating and inhibiting factors in their lives. Often it is nearly impossible to obtain reliable information upon which to base any reliable understanding of how and why they respond as they do. This is why the reality of "ALIENATION" plays such an important role in any efforts to help people to Mitigate-their-own-Alienative-Conflicts.