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Egocentric-Domineering-Critics are bound to engage in NEGATIVE criticisms that are bsed upon their own self-serving-dominant-expectations --- that are guided by the Life-Styles that they are most familiar with. Their NEGATIVE criticism naturally reveal more about themselves --- than they reveal about the alienated-victims of their NEGATIVE criticisms. Critics of essays such as those offered here at --- to stimulate Long-Over-Due Open-and-Honest-Dialogue --- will often be misguided by their expectations that such essays will be focused upon: 1. Identifying persons who are "Good"; and persons who are "Evil"; and otherwise identifying persons in terms of dichotomous, polarizing and contentious categories like: friend, foe, loyal, traitorous, successful, rich, poor, strong, weak, proper, loyal, saved, improper, acceptable, dammed, etc. 2. Professional-Standards for formal publication in traditional refereed professional journals. 3. Literary-Standards for scholarly writing and publication in traditional literary publications. 4. Scientific-Standards for the publication of traditional objective-research involving many measurements, computations and statistical analyses. 5. Authoritative source of refereed information about proper/approved: opinions, perspectives, points-of-view, desires, pleasures, goals, intentions, relationships, persons, organizations, --- with proper attention to all of the essential proper details and traditions. 6. Proposals for authoritative standards and agreements regarding: crimes, policing, judicial- processes and proper punishments --- both Formal-and-Informal. 7. The proper use of: shunnings, excommuncations, banishments, exclusivity, violence, congrols, domination and alienation --- to protect the traditions of proper civility and civilization for those traditionally in power and wealth. Such criticisms need to be the focus of much open and honest dialogue in public; by people who are well informed about the actual contents of essays such as these offered here at; and who focus clearly about the actual contests of essays such as these --- in well informed ways. See relatetd materials at