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**** COURSE KEYS In each effort to Mitigate-Alienative-Conflict --- some of the effort should focus upon clarifying: 1. What are the most relevant objective-facts that are most seriously ignored and absent from public-discourse about-the-alienative-conflict --- due to people playing collusive-games of mutual-self-deception --- that cannot be won; e.g., regarding: a. The inevitable decline in our rate of use of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, oil, oil-shale, Uranium etc.) to which we are addicted, b. Our Inhumane/Unsustainable Exponential Growth Patterns, c. Unarticulated assumptions and false core convictions, d. Cultural Assumptions which are not made evident, e. Religious Assumptions which are not made evident. f. Scientists' Assumptions which are not made evident. 2. What do people on opposing conflicted sides MOST-FEAR? 3. What Impossible-to-fulfill-Hopes --- most motivate and guide people? 4. What are the relevant histories and memories of the people afflicted by the Alienative-Conflict? 5. What are the Conflict-Mitigation-Skills which are Present? Absent? 6. What are the basic unmet-humane needs which could be fulfilled through cooperation? 7. In what ways have True-Lovers been blocked from helping people to Mitigate-their-own Alienative-Conflicts.