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When Domineering Bullies make statements, ask questions and/or behave in ways that suggest that essays such as these should not-be-written, read, distributed, discussed-openly-and- honestly, or regarded with favor: 1. They are sometimes rather vague about what they seek to have done or happen --- because what they seek to have done or happen --- would involve the violation of Americans' Constitutional-Rights. 2. If such complaints are made, it may be helpful to ask the Domineering-Bullies to clarify: a. What they are seeking to achieve by their statements, questions and behaviors; and what their purposes and overall goals are in life. b. What laws and/or rights they believe have been violated. c. What or whom it is that they feel has been threatened/violated. d. What law-suit should be initiated in what court of law. e. What arrests should be made and what charges should be filed. f. What false statements have been made, by whom, where, when, etc. g. Whose rights have been violated. h. Which texts they object to, where those texts can be found, and why they object to the texts being written, published and discussed. i. What affirmations they wish to make in response to the essays to which they object.