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Course Keys **** Our Personal-and-Communal Integrities depend greatly upon: How fully/thoroughly/convincingly --- we encourage-each-other to fully-let-go-of: our own controls over --- our own and other people's levels of control/vulnerability; doing so in mutually balanced ways of unconditional-love --- freed by publically renouncing our own felt-needs for unilateral self-defense-invulnerability --- as when we unilaterally attempt to control what we fear --- by unilateral-objective-manipulations --- in the absecnce of LOVE and Open-and-Honest-Dialogue. Under the terms of our Constitutional-Guarantees-of-Communication-Rights --- we all have important duties to facilitate and promote both open-and-honest dialogues --- about all views expressed in essays such as these in --- while avoiding slander and other avoidable forms of alienative: intentions, thinking and behaviors. To the extent that each of us fails to fulfill our duties to protect and defend the Constitutional-Guarantees of True-Communication-Rights of all members of our civilization's communities --- they and all of us are threatened within God's Astronomically Tiny Space-Ship-Earth. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep in mind that there are billiions more: people, alienative-conflicts, and occasions of alienation --- within Gods Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth --- than any person can have even one minute of attention time, to give to each one of them. It does no one any good --- to call any one person's attention to more-occasions-of-need than: 1. That person is qualified to attend to and/or has spare time to commit in new ways. 2. That person has time/energy/resources to contribute in any helpful way. 3. Will help that person to maximize their prudent service to humanity. 4. Will help any other persons to maximize their services to humanity. 5. Will help any person to set wise and prudent priorities within their own context of opportunities. Neither does it do any one any good --- to personally attempt to be responsive to more occasions of need than one is qualified and/or have the time, energy and power --- to attend to in gracious ways.