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All Human-Relationships involve: Reflexive, Objective and Subjective Realities --- which evolve in many ways that No-One-or-Few-of-us Can-or-Should-Fully: 1. Control-or-Dominate, 2. Understand-or-Predict, 3. Prescribe-or-Describe, 4. Anticipate-or-Plan, 5. Perfect-or-Manage. None of the above can be truly-done with-integrity. ATTEMPTS to do --- what we CANNOT-TRULY-DO-WITH-INTEGRITY - - - 1. INCLUDE Winning any Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- which no-one can-or should win; as individuals; or-as-coalitions-of-individuals of any kind or size. 2. CANNOT-BE: wise, well-informed, prudent, gracious, helpful, or part of any true effort to Mitigate-Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts. 3. TRY-TO-AVOID-INTERWOVEN Objective-and-Reflexive Systems-Analyses of: our-own, each-others', and/or our environmental needs-and-possibilities. 4. TRY-TO-AVOID-HONESTY about: Space-Ship-Earth's Finite-Resources and the many Utterly-Reliable accurate-descriptions of objective-natural-processes-and-interactions among all of the objects of all sizes in the cosmos --- which is evolving in an expanding unimaginable volume of Time-and-Space. 5. TRY-TO--AVOID-HONESTY about the fact that the above realities make it UTTERLY-IMPOSSIBLE for mortals to experience the fulfillment of many mortal: visions, dreams and fantasies --- which many mortals insist are CERTAINLY-POSSIBLE; e.g., Inter-Stellar space-travel by mortal bodies during mortal-lifetimes, ENDLESS-EXPONENTIAL-GROWTH of particular mortal activities such as forever using oil, natural gas and coal; the endless domination of Evil-Mortals by Good-Mortals, and the creation of "ETERNAL-PEACE" through the perfection and proper use of weapons of: violence, destruction, domination and alienation --- in Great-And-Honorable Alienative-Conflicts. =================================================================================================== None of the above attempts will help us work graciously together within small-or-large communal- sanctuaries; to support and facilitate each other's efforts to: A. Cooperate in the evolutions of our-interwoven personal-and-communal realtionships of all kinds. B. Better understand each other as essential-participants in such efforts and evolutions --- in terms of each other's: genetic, cultural, religious, family, educational, instinctive, conceptual and linguistic HERITAGES. C. Participate in interwoven objective-and-reflexive Systems-Analyses of: our-own, each-others', and our environmental needs-and-possibilities.