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COURSE KEYS **** We cannot fully-and-truly-enjoy the essential-foundations of both personal-and-communal integration-processes and present-integrities - - - except within the presence of most of them being integrated into essential-clusters of essential-foundations for personal-and- communal health-and-health-care.

The realities that are truly-essential --- are pointed to by diverse words-and-phrases --- by different-people using different: --- languages, concepts, grammers and linguistic-structures.

Contentious/Alienative Conflicts

over any Isolated-Individual-Reality;

or over Isolated-Pointer-to-any Isolated-Individual-Reality;

will not in-the-long-term

be truly healpufl to the crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth

which is isolated from almost all other collections of material resources within the unimaginably vast cosmos within which Earth-Came-into-Being.

Our essential-foundations include the Robust-and-Sustainable Reflexive-Realities pointed to by the following lines of text:

Open-and-Honest-Dialgues - - - Including Active-Gracious-Listening; Hospitality, Generosity and Distributive-Justice for all --- within Space-Ship-Earth; Mutuality, Empathy and Sympathy with all Neighbors --- within Space-Ship-Earth; Humility, Tolerance, Patience and Coperation for all --- within Space-Ship-Earth; Balance and Mutuallity in all Healthy-Inter-Personal and Inter-Communal-Relationships; Sustainable-Robust-Security for all --- in Communal-Sanctuaries in Space-Ship-Earth.