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COURSE KEYS **** Asking "What are the most gracious and helpful alternatives for us to choose from?" is often MORE-HELPFUL-THAN - - - Asking "How shall we respond?" or "What SHOULD we do?" or "What SHOULD-WE-NOT do?" - - - IN THE ABSENCE OF clearly described MULTIPLE-ALTERNATIVES that we are free to consider openly and honestly in the light of their likely benefits and costs --- to each of us in the short-term; and in the long-term. Within our Astronomically-Tiny-Spaces-Ship-Earth we are-unlikely-to-make-wise-decisions - - - if we have been led to accept-the-notion that our decision can properly be indicated by choosing one of only-two-alternatives presented unilaterally to us --- without us having the opportunity to consider other alternatives within the context of extended open and honest dialogue --- within communal-sanctuaries for all. We are often offered only two possible responses to choose from; for example: 1. "Yes" or "No". 2. "Agree" or "Disagree". 3. "Accept" or "reject". 4. "Obey" or "Disobey." 5. "Believe" or Disbelieve". 6. "Join" or "Oppose". 7. "Fight" or "Run". 8. "Submit" or "Escape". 9. "Be-Silent" or "Argue-Contentiously". 10. "Defend-Yourself-unto-Death" or "Surrender." 11. "Imitate-Your-Enemy" or "Surrender-to-your-Enemy". We need to protect ourselves and our communities against EXCESSES which are rooted in "MORE": greed, alienative-conflicts, argumentation and other vices that are viewed as virtues that are essential to "success" in unilateral-ways - - - outside of Shalom's Most- Gracious-Diverse-Ways - - - with balanced-integrated-clusters of many-mutually-complementary true-virtues.