Typically we think of "duties" and "responsibilities" as pertaining to particular tasks to be 
done at some particular times in particular places and/or contexts.

Perhaps it would be helpful to extend our conceptions of duties and responsibilities to include the whole cluster of activities that we need to be involved in, to help people to Mitigate-Their- Own-Alienative-Conflicts and Patterns of Alienation - - - that are NOT bound by time, place, context, etc. Of course, we need to be in open and honest dialogues about how much activity should be entailed in fulfilling such duties and responsibilities. Excesses can be alienative if we are nit honest, prudent and wise about our human limits and limitations --- not prudent wise ways!

In any case, we never have any Transcendent "duty" or "responsibility" to serve Domineering- Bullies or Mobbing-Monsters; or to support people who: Tolerate, Respect, Reverence or Worship their Life-Styles, Ideals, Ideologies, Values, Principles or Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers.

We need to keep in mind that within all contexts, environments and relationships of our lives of Isolation and/or Intimacy --- we encounter risks of many kinds and degrees; such as:

1. Falling, 2. Entrapment, 3. Loss-of-Balance, 4. Loss-of-Sensitivity, 5. Loss of Empathy, 6. Loss of Sympathy, 7. Loss of Communications, 8. Loss of Intimacies, 9. Loss of Supporters, 10. Imprisonment, 11. People Playing to Win Collusive Games of Mutual-Self-Deception, 12. Confusion regarding Risks, Real or Imaginary; 13. Denial about the Presence of Risks of each Kind, 14. Compulsive Preoccupations with Particular Low-Level-Risks, 15. Risks in Trusting Domineering Bullies, 16. Risks in Trusting Mobbing-Mobsters, 17. Risks in Trusting Pretentious People, 18. Risks in Trusting Violent People, 19. Risks in Trusting Addictive People and/or their Codependent Supporters, 20. Risks in Trusting Greedy People, 21. Risks in Trusting Concentrators of Wealth and Powers, 22. Risks in Trusting Arrogant and Pretentious People, 23. Risks in Trusting Secretive People, 24. Risks in Trusting Sexually-Seductive-People, 25. Risks in Trusting Imprudent-Explorers, 26. Risks in Trusting Fearful-Traditionalists, 27. Risks in Trusting Unbalanced Egocentric-People, 28. Risks in Trusting Ignorant, Prejudiced and/or Biased People, 29. Risks in Trusting Thoughtless and/or Isolated People, 30. Risks in Letting-Go of Cautions and Inhibitions, 31. Risks in Letting-Go-of-Suspicions, 32. Risks in Trusting-NO-ONE, 33. Risks in Trusting-NO-STRANGER, 34. Risks in Trusting-Inhibited-People, 35. Risks in Revealing our own points of Vulnerability, 36. Risks in trying to be Invulnerable in order to be Secure and Safe, 37. Risks in always being On-The-Defensive, 38. Risks in never relaxing, 39. Risks in being Ignorant about Unfamiliar kinds of Risks, 40. Risks in being Ignorant about Strange kinds of Risky-People, 41. Risks in being Ignorant about different kinds of Threatening People, 42. Risks in being Ignorant about strange kinds of traps we may fall into, 43. Risks in keeping old habits while trying to Mitigate Alienative-Conflicts, 44. Risks in using traditional technologies in Mitigating Alienative-Conflicts, 45. Risks in Confusion about a few of the above, or about many of the above, 46. Risks in being In-Denial about some or all of the above.

(c) 2009 by Paul A. Smith in Search for Integrity and Honesty (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy)