Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters have often founded their lives upon assumptions-and attitudes such as those pointed to by the following statements of Self-Confidence:

1. The World-Revolves-around-Me, 2. Other people are here to satisfy my needs and wants. 3. I am inherently superior to other people --- who are inherently inferior to me. 4. I know /God's-Will and serve to help Him Fulfill His-Will. 5. I know who is Good and Who is Evil, 6. I say what is worthy of Reverence by everybody else, 7. My Perspective is the only Reliable-Perspective, 8. What I want, I-GET! 9. Nobody is Superior-to-Me! 10. My Greed is Good-Greed, 11. My Concentrated Powers and-Wealth are Pure-and-Good! 12. My Will is Eternal! 13. If you doubt any of the above is true, JUST ASK ME and beware!

(c) 2009 by Paul A. Smith in Search for Integrity and Honesty (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy)