There is no problem which ABSOLUTELY-MUST be solved; for which any solution will be good; be-unquestionably-better than having-no-solution to the presumably real problem.

There is no true-solution to any problem --- which is INHERENTLY-GOOD in the absence of any other solution to that problem.

The above statements may be understood within the context of the differences between the natures of problems and dilemmas, solutions; and the Mitigation of: Dilemmas, Alienations, Alienative-Conflicts and Conflicts-in-General.

1. True-Problems are Technical-Problems which are inherently Technical-In-Nature, Lacking ALL of the Inherently-Reflexive aspects of "True-Dilemmas". Technical-Problems have Purely- Technical-Solutions which can be demonstrated and achieved-unilaterally by Purely-Technical- Means by Technocrats in the TOTAL-Absence-of-True-Lovers in Love --- And-Even-So not generate any form of alienation or alienative-conflict. True-Problems and their various Technical- Solutions are often Much-Appreciated by Technical-People --- in the presence of, and in the absence of, Reflexive-Realities-and-Reflexive-Considerations.

2. True-Dilemmas have very significant Inherently-Reflexive-Aspects; and it is Inherently- Alienative to Ignore the Inherently-Reflexive-Aspects of any True-Dilemma --- regardless of whatever else may be done, or not done; even if absolutely nothing is done which relates to any related True-Dilemma. True-Dilemmas exist in all relationships which involve: alienation, alienations, and Alienative-Conflicts. Wherever there is alienation and/or there are Alienative- Conflicts --- there are True-Dilemmas.

3. There may occasionally be Problems which play no meaningful role in any True-Dilemma; and which may be Solved by Purely-Technical-Means by technically competent people in the absence of all significant Alienations-and-Dilemmas. Such occasions are probably very rare.

4. There are often True-Dilemmas for which the resolution(s) of them and the Mitigation(s) of their related Alienative-Conflicts --- will require solutions to True-Problems --- with some related dilemmas, alienations and Alienative-Conflicts. Dilemmas and Problems are often inter-twined with each other in exceedingly complex ways --- which cannot easily be teased apart by anybody; but especially not by Technocrats who do not appreciate the essential differences between True-DILEMMAS and PROBLEMS; and who do not appreciate the essential differences between SOLUTIONS-to-PROBLEMS; and GRACIOUS-MITIGATIONS of various forms of ALIENATION-and-ALIENATIVE-CONFLICTS --- which are inherent in TRUE-DILEMMAS.

(c) 2009 by Paul A. Smith in Search for Integrity and Honesty (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy)