Domineering-Bullies who are preoccupied with Being-in-Control are usually preoccupied with Manipulative-Tools/Technologies-of-Control such as:

Alcohol, Drugs, foods and technologies which can be used/abused to Influence and/or Control: Perceptions, Perspectives, Attitudes, Inclinations, Desires, Intentions, Inhibitions --- Apart/Alienated From-Being-Well: Informed, Educated, Thoughtful, Reasonable, Judicious, and able to make integrative-gracious-choices.

Preoccupations often entail the following kinds of realities: 1. A lack of balance, 2. Excessive-Attention focused upon isolated areas of concern, 3. Loss-of-Reasoned-Judgment, 4. Loss-of-Wisdom-and-Prudence, 5. An Inability-to-Learn from: Mistakes, Blunders, Errors, Tragedies.

Concentrations of Powers and Wealth entail many such realities and so we need to be intentional in seeking to Be-Aware and Beware of the Inter-related Bitter-Fruits of:

A. Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters, B. Unbalanced-Preoccupations, C. Controls and Controllers as Centers-of-Attention, D. Manipulative-Technologies-and-Tools, E. The Absence of Balance-and-Mutuality, F. The Absence of Thoughtfulness and Sensitivity, G. The Absence of Empathy and Sympathy, H. The Absence of Reconciliation-Efforts, I. The Absence of Diplomacy-and-Hospitality, J. The Absence of Universal-Preventive-Health-Care-For-All, H. The Pervasive-Presence of Distractions, Conflict and Violence. I. The Pervasive-Presence of Concentrated Wealth-and-Powers.

In all of the above, we need to be attentive to the many ways in which Divisions-Among-Us lead to Alienative-Conflicts between-and-among:

Manipulators and those Manipulated, Victors and Victims, Winners and Losers, The Rich and The-Poor, The Healthy and The-Diseased, The Hopeful and the Hopeless The Educated and the Uneducated-Poor, The Powerful and the Powerless, The Accepted and the Rejected, The Integrated and the Excommunicated, The Judges and their Judged-Victims, The Standards and the Alienated, The Conformed and the Rebellious.

Often what is CENTRAL in an Alienative-Conflict is the QUESTION of How-to-Identify "THE-ENEMY" and what to do: TO, WITH, or ABOUT --- "THE-ENEMY" --- once IT has been identified:

Which among the following can helpfully be identified as "THE-ENEMY"?

1. An isolated person? 2. A group of Isolated-Persons or a Coalition-of-Isolated-Persons? 3. A pattern of personal behaviors and/or communications? 4. A "Life-Style" or a pattern of intimacies? 5. A Race or Identifiable-Ethnic-Group? 6. A Religious-Tradition or Set-of-Teachings? 7. A Political-Party or a Political-Institution? 8. A Government, State, or Nation? 9. An Ideology or Paradigm which guides assumptions and attitudes? 10. The so called "good" people? 11. The so called "evil" people? 12. Some reviled "Objective-Reality"? 13. Some reviled "Reflexive-Reality"? 14. A Pattern-of-Ignorance? 15. A pattern-of-Alienation? 16. A pattern-of Confusion, Prejudice and/or Bias? 17. A pattern-of Collusive-Games of Mutual Self-Deception? 18. A pattern-of Fear, Terror and/or Anxiety? 19. An Alienative: Doctrine, Ritual, Tradition or Teaching? 20. The Devil? 21. The Fallen-Angels? 22. A pattern of Lacks-and/or-Absences? 23. A pattern-of Domination and Violence? 24. A pattern of Colonialism and its Bitter-Fruits? 25. A pattern of wars, terror and terrorism? 26. A pattern of Arrogance, Secrecy, and Self-Righteousness? 27. A pattern of Reliance upon Great: Force-and-Pressure? 28. A pattern of concentrations of wealth, powers and luxuries? 29. A pattern of Dichotomies, Polarizations and Negativity? 30. The showing of reverence toward and worship of any isolated thing?

Once we have agreed upon Who or What to View-as-Our-ENEMY:

What are we to DO: To, With, or About Our-ENEMY?

Upon which of the following Key Words/Concepts should we focus?

Destruction? Defeat? Winning? Losing? Rank-Ordering? Superiority? Inferiority? Surrender? Submission? Resistance? Dominations? Mitigations? Healings? Reconciliations? Rejecting? Ignoring? Tolerating? Moderation? Alienation? Excommunications? Banishments? Talking-to? Listening-to? Being-in-Dialogue-With? Understanding? Confirming-Understandings? Sympathy? Empathy? Being-in-Dialogue-With? Confirming-Described-Perspectives? The-Ways-of-Shalom? Getting-to-YES? Getting-Past-NO? Cooperative-Actions? Transcendence of Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception?

Each Question: Ignored, Asked, Repressed, Responded-to, Confused, etc. --- Will Expand and/or Contract our Further Opportunities-and-Options!

The Questions asked, permitted, encouraged and focused upon --- are all inter-linked to-and-with: each-other, each-of-us and each-of-our-responses.

Our-Tragedies flow from Arrogance-and-Self-Righteousness which cloak these realities.

(c) 2009 by Paul A. Smith in Search for Integrity and Honesty (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy)