Alienative-Conflicts originate-in the few INCOHERENT: Assumptions, Attitudes and Approaches to Each-Other-Person --- that are thoughtlessly and completely trusted by each Insecure- Person; for example, some among the following:

1. Life-is-Competition, 2. Life-is-Conflict, 3. To-Be-Secure, Get-More --- 4. To-Be-Secure, Become-Invulnerable --- 5. To-Be-Secure, Avoid-Risky-Intimacy --- 6. To-Be-Secure, Enforce-Taboos-with-Alienation --- 7. To-Be-Secure, Excommunicate-Each-Other --- 8. To-Be-Secure, Be Coercive-and-Violent --- 9. To-Be-Secure, Be Certain and Self-Confident --- 10. To-Be-Secure, Play-to-Win Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception.

Alienative-Conflicts are Mitigated by True-Lovers who Accept-Each Other As-There-Are and engage in Cooperative-Coalitions So-As-To Transcend the THEIR-OWN alienative: assumptions, attitudes and approaches to each other --- and to invite all others to join them in such efforts.

What-Our-Lives-Are - - -

Flow from our versions of the above processes, and their fruits.

How we respond to each other's versions of the above processes.

How preoccupied we are with the two questions: "Who-is-Good?" and "Who-is-Evil?"

How faithfully we cooperate-with-each-other in Being-Together-in-Shalom's-Ways.

How well we Accept-Each-Other-into-Open-and-Honest-Dialogue.

How well we work together to mitigate our own alienative: Assumptions, Attitudes, Approaches, Arrogance, Self-Righteousness, Demands, Commands, Coercion, and Violence.

(c) 2009 by Paul A. Smith in Search for Integrity and Honesty (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy)