The writing of the essays here at has been an unplanned process of exploring the possibilities of articulating descriptions of reflexive-relationships that in some ways parallel the mathematical descriptions in physics of interactions among all of the following elements of the "objective" cosmos: 1. Moving solid objects in translational and rotational motion; 2. Moving fluids as liquids, gases, vapors and plasmas; 3. Moving molecules, atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons; 4. Electromagnetic radiations as waves and photons; 5. Vibrations as sound in gases, fluids and solids; 6. Vibrations as phonons and waves in orderly structured crystals; 7. Subatomic particles such as mesons, nucleons and neutrinos; 8. Stars, Galaxies, Clusters-Thereof, and the Expanding-Cosmos; 9. The History of the Cosmos as a Whole; 10. Inter-Relationships among Objective and Reflexive Realities; How reliably can we frame descriptions-of-reflexive-relationships with the help of non-mathematical-languages and of relevant concepts? How helpful can mathematical languages be in supporting such efforts? How diversionary might preoccupations with quantitative relationships turn out to be in the long term for the Crew of God'-Space-Ship-Earth? What concepts/relationships do we need to focus more attention upon? Less? a. Healing patterns of: distrust, fear and alienation? b. Preventive-Health-Care for: distrust, fear and alienation? c. Mitigations of Patterns of: distrust, fear and alienation? d. Augmentations of: Cooperation-and-Open-and-Honest-Dialogue? e. Augmentations of Systems-Analyses of Reflexive-Relationships? f. Augmentations of Personal-and-Communal Integrations-and-Integrities? g. Mitigations of Identifications of Evil-and-Good Persons? Groups? h. How can we ask More-Important-Questions? i. How is Evil created? j. How is Good created? k. How are Evil-Relationships-Created? l. How are Evil-Relationships-Mitigated? m. Where does Evil go when it is Mitigated? n. Where does Good go when it is Mitigated? o. How can we measure Good and Evil? p. Are there conservation laws describing Good and Evil Processes?
                         (c) 2009 by Paul A. Smith in       Search for Integrity and Honesty        
                    (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy)