Healthy-True-Lovers Resist:

Domination, Violence, Greed, Arrogance, Hubris, Mobbing,
Collonialism, Military-Industrial-Complexes, Technocracies,
Technocrats, Alienation, Alienative-Conflicts and

Concentrations of:
Wealth, Energy, Power and Influence, by:
Describing-How Each-of-Them
Undermine-and-Destroy: 1. Destributive-Justice-and-Honesty; 2. Personal-Integrities-and-Authenticity; 3. Communal-Integrities-and-Authenticity; 4. Open-and-Honest-Listing-and-Dialogues; 5. Coherent-Clusters of Ideals, Values and Virtues; 6. Authenetic: Hospitality, Generosity and Sharing; 7. Processes of Gracious-Integration-and-Cooperation; 8. Processes of Gracious-Exploration-and-Creativity; 9. Processes of Liberation-Learning-and-Education; 10. Shalom and Preventive-Health-Care-and-Healing; 11. Mitigations of Alienative-Conflicts and fruits; 12. Mitigations of Alienation, Violence and Domination. In all of the above --- Healthy-True-Lovers Refrain-from-showing: Respect, Admiration, Honor, Reverence or Tendencies-to-Imitate --- Any of the Tragic-Realities which they Seek-to-Mitigate by --- Honestly Describing and Openly-Telling Each-Other about --- How Each-of-Them Undermines the Dozen-Listed-Tragic-Realities which They Seek-to-Mitigate within Shalom's Many-Gracious-Ways-of-LOVE.
                         (c) 2009 by Paul A. Smith in       Search for Integrity and Honesty        
                    (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy)