The gracious humane behaviors which most truly merit our honor, respect, admiration and support --- depend upon each of the FOLLOWING-REALITIES experienced within Space-Ship-Earth by its crew as a whole:

1. The Evolving-Environmental-Contexts for our prudent behaviors within God's Finite-Space-Ship-Earth as a whole.

2. The Coherent-Clusters of: ideals, values, principles, virtues, hopes and aspirations --- that by common-global-consensus --- are honored, respected, admired and supported by wide-spectrums-of-different-people --- whose overall health as persons and as communities --- are at stake.

3. Current-major-threats to our personal-and-communal integration-processes and to our personal-and-communal integrities --- within Space-Ship-Earth; threats that are foci for thoughtful consideration by the whole crew of Space-Ship-Earth.

4. The natures of recent-changes within our global-environments --- to which we need to respond openly and honestly.

5. Our common-consensuses about our hoped-for Long-Term-Environmental-Context within God' Space-Ship-Earth; and just how our consensuses have been changing recently in the light of much new evidence thoughtfully considered.

6. How our consensuses have been changing recently about Long-Term-Admirable: ideals, values, principles, virtues, hopes and aspirations --- in light of Space-Ship-Earth's Decreasing-Limited supplies of: fossil-fuels, nuclear-fuels, pure-minerals, pure-air, pure-water, pure-soils, and about the currently arriving abundant-solar-energy which is constantly entering Space-Ship-Earth from our nearest star.

The above observations have been patterned somewhat in the manner of like considerations that prudently lead up to and continue through our geographic trips inside of Space-Ship-Earth --- wherein not all aspects of such trips are known in advance, and cannot be unilaterally controlled by the travelers who must depend upon many strangers along the way; for assistance and good will.

On such trips, as our old and familiar environments are left behind; and as new and changing environments, obstacles and challenges are encountered; it is essential for us as travelers to be flexible, adaptable and to adjust our plans in thoughtful and well informed ways. Thoughtless-blind-tenacity in following an original uninformed and incoherent plan; can be deadly!

It is dangerous to continue to behave as if our environments have-not-changed --- when our environments have-changed-significantly due to our patterns of Travels, Alienative-Conflicts, and our Greedy-Patterns of Resource-Consumption-and-Depletion.

It is also dangerous to pretend that we have arrived at our final/eternal destination --- and so to be out of touch with the realities in our actual environments --- as they are evolving around us as we destroy them.

It is essential that some people be respected and allowed to complete their efforts to articulate:

(1) Guidelines, ideals, virtues, values and principles --- that will hopefully be appropriate within new communities and relationships that are more healthy and well integrated than our current communities and relationships are.

(2) The insights of cultural-historians and anthropologists working to help people now and in the future to understand previous people's: perspectives, cultures, values, ideals, virtues and ways of dealing with the challenges of alienative-conflicts and their bitter fruits.

(3) Ways to most helpfully and graciously make transitions between present realities and future realities which will hopefully be more healthy and well integrated than current personal and communal inter-relationships.

(4) Ways to respond most helpfully and graciously to help Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters to mitigate their Alienative-Conflicts and the Tragic-Bitter-Fruits of their Alienative-Conflicts --- which cannot be long sustained because of the Inevitable Long-Term Net-Costs to the Whole-Crew-of-God's-Finite-Space-Ship-Earth due to the:


a) Isolated-Ideals, in the Absence of Coherent-Sets-of-Ideals;
(b) Tragically-Simplistic-Ideologies;
(c) The Worship-of-Exponential Growth-Patterns;
(d) The Exhaustion of Space-Ship-Earth's Finite-Natural-Resources;
(e) Playing-to-Win Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception;
(f) Concentrations of Wealth, Energy or Power;
(g) Seeking-Security in some form of idealized/revered:
Protections, and/or

It may be helpful to Graciously-Describe just why and/or how Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters Reliably-Generate: Alienative-Conflicts, Alienative Behaviors, Alienative-Ideologies, Misunderstandings, Ignorance, Prejudices and Biases.

Alienation is created by people who DO-NOT regard ALIENATION as something to be: Avoided, Regretted, Prevented, Mitigated, Healed, Reduced, or Transcended --- because Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters are ESSENTIALLY: Ego-Centric/Self-Centered, Greedy, Fearful, Anxious and Terrified. We have DILEMMAS when we encounter such people. DILEMMAS cannot be solved, resolved, mitigated, or eliminated by any superior unilateral-and/or-technical: procedures, controls, or management techniques.

We must mitigate DILEMMAS within the Whole-Crew of God's-Space-Ship-Earth through Cooperative-Mitigations of Our-Alienative-Conflicts in Shalom's Many-Diverse-Ways-of-LOVE --- with ALL of our Neighbors!

                         (c) 2009 by Paul A. Smith in       Search for Integrity and Honesty        
                    (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy)