We may find it helpful to ask and discuss openly and honestly the question: Which Clusters of: Ideals, Values, Principles Hopes, Expectations, Goals, etc. --- can be most-widely and enduringly affirmed, incarnated and sustained --- within our Finite-Spaceship-Earth; with its limited amounts of relatively pure: fossil-fuels, minerals, water, air, soil, etc?

Consider the following possible candidates for such affirmations, incarnations and efforts to sustain them:

=========================================================================================== 1. Being Dominant Superior People. 2. Enjoying more Luxuries than the majority of people in Space-Ship-Earth. 3. Each year consuming one to four percent more --- than during the past year. 4. Each year, expanding our economy one to ten percent over the past year. 5. Each year Converting more people to our point of view than the past year. 6. Each year better knowing Who is Good and Who is Evil --- than during the past year. 7. Each year increasing our Invulnerability at the expense of most other people. 8. Each year increasing our levels of perfection --- at the expense of most other people. 9. Each year generating one to four percent more garbage --- than the past year. 10. Each year getting more people to buy more of our goods and services --- than last year.

=========================================================================================== Expanding the Range of Space-Ship-Earth Whole-Crew's:

a. Open and Honest Dialogues about ALL of our basic needs being met. b. Levels and extents of Trust-and-Cooperation. c. Patterns of Reconciliation and Conflict-Mitigations. d. Levels of Mutual-Understanding-and-Appreciation. e. Building-and-Maintaining Sanctuary-Communities for ALL to Be-In. f. Reflexive-Systems-Analyses of the Health-of-Space-Ship-Earth. g. Levels of Mutual-Communications and Confirmations thereof. h. Preventive Health-Care of all kinds for all in Space-Ship-Earth. i. Levels of Communal and Personal Integrations and Integrities. j. Levels of Creative and Dynamic Stability.

On what reliable bases can we most helpfully respond to the above kinds of questions?

On what reliable bases can we be most confident in being-together in our various responses?

How can we recognize where we each can be most helpful in attempting to graciously help other people to get started toward mitigating some of their own enduring Alienative-Conflicts with those of Space-Ship-Earth's-Crew involved therein?

1. What are the most serious current Alienative-Conflicts among us? 2. How transferable would mitigation efforts be? 3. What percent of the Crew of Space-Ship-Earth would be affected favorably? 4. What percent of the Crew of Space-Ship-Earth would be affected negatively? 5. How are we qualified to make a positive difference? 6. How well qualified are we to make a positive difference? Where and how? 7. How welcome would we be, if we sought to be of help? 8. Have we been invited and might we be invited to become involved? 9. How helpful have we been in previous such efforts, if any? 10. In what realms of efforts --- are the people who have most trusted us? 11. How experienced and well trained are we, for each possible effort? 12. What are our current levels of time-and-financial committments? 13. What is our level of passion in support of what we are now doing? 14. How ready, willing and free are we to shift focus with personal integrity? 15. What do our "significant-others" think about all of these questions and our responses?

(c) 2009 by Paul A. Smith in Search for Integrity and Honesty (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy)