Course Keys **** Why are humans so preoccupied with definitions of: perfection and/or imperfection --- and with whether we and/or others are perfect-and/or-imperfect? How are the above questions related to our concerns/preoccupations with: 1. Bullying and Mobbing? 2. Conformity and Non-Conformity? 3. Acceptance and Rejection? 4. Tolerance and Intolerance? 5. Liberation-and-Freedom? 6. Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception? 7. Who-is-Good and Who-is-Evil? 8. Who-is-Friend and Who-is-Enemy? 9. Alienative-Conflicts and Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts? 10. Winning and/or Losing Alienative-Conflicts? 11. Hierarchies and-or-Patterns-of-Cooperation? 12. Battles and/or Patterns-of-True-Intimacies-in-LOVE? 13. Patience and/or Impatience. 14. Creativity versus Conformity-Repression-Suppression-Destruction? 15. Exploration versus Traditions-Habits-Permanent-Ruts?-Dictatorships? It is difficult to help each other in efforts to mitigate our own Alienative-Conflicts --- if we are unaware of and/or indifferent/insensitive to: how the above issues are present and inter- related to each other in complex ways --- which we may not be accustomed to describing to each other in open-and-honest-dialogues. Our Alienative-Conflicts often flow from the ways in which we deal with the above issues --- in incoherent/disintegrative ways --- that are guided by the Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies and of Mobbing-Mobsters.