COURSE KEYS **** If ALIENATION is the Central-Feature of Evil-Relationships that are the Roots-and-Consequences of all Evil --- then Salvation-and-Redemption are to be enjoyed in Being-Gracefully-Together in Shalom's Many-Ways-of-Mitigating: 1. ALIENATIVE-Conflicts, 2. ALIENATIONS, 3. Excommunications, 4. Shunnings, 5. Banishments, 6. Warehousing of Prisoners, 7. Unilateral-Punishments, 8. Inquisitions, 9. Concentrationsd-of-Wealth-and-Powers, 10. Corruption of Wealth/Powerful Leaders. In the light of the above, each community needs to design educational programs that at each level helps students to understand the above aspects of people who Admire-and-Honor: 1. The Life-Styles and Misleading Ideals --- of Domineering-Bullies. 2. The Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers --- of Domineering-Bullies. 3. The Advantages of Being-In-The-Service --- of Domineering-Bullies. 4. The Tragically-Simplistic-Ideologies --- of Domineering-Bullies. 5. The Crumbs that Fall from the Banquet-Tables --- of Domineering-Bullies. 6. The False-Trickle-Down-Economic-Theories --- of Domineering-Bullies. 7. The Alienative-Peaks-of-Wealth-and-Powers --- of Domineering-Bullies. 8. The Glories-of-the-Destructive-Alienative-Wars --- of Domineering-Bullies. 9. The Recycling of the Alienative-Effects --- of Domineering-Bullies. 10. The Recycling of the Alienative Conflicts --- of Domineering-Bullies