It is a truly tragic state-of-events when the lives of people have evolved to the point that they can find no-meaning-in-life --- apart from the dishonest habits that they cling-to --- in trying to WIN their Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self- Deception about: 1. Their own evolution as mortal creatures dependent upon many other kinds of mortal creatures. 2. How Astronomically-Tiny --- God's Space-Ship-Earth really is, compared to the whole cosmos of un-imaginably huge stars --- so far from each other that the stars seem tiny in comparison to the distances between the stars; and between the HUGE-GALAXIES which are in turn small --- compared to the distances between the BILLIONS OF GALAXIES! 3. How-limited Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth's finite-resources are, in the face of the Exponentially-Growing rates of human consumption of all finite resources such as PURE: oil, natural gas, coal, Uranium, wood, grass, trees, minerals, water, air, etc. 4. The inevitable REVERSAL of each Rate of Exponential-Growth --- into Exponential-Decay; as each finite resource gets HALF-CONSUMED, and the residue is harder to find and refine. 5. The NON-SUSTAINABLE nature of the Life-Style of Domineering-Bullies - - - who destroy the environments upon which they are UTTERLY-DEPENDENT for support --- as mortal creatures who are alienated from their finite/limited environments.