Beware of reading the following and finding therein any unambiguous affirmations that are authoritatively TRUE!!! The intent here is to stimulate open and honest dialogue among the readers of these and/or other essays! There are SPECTRUMS-in-the-extents-to-which: Individual --- True-Lovers AND/OR Domineering-Bullies AND Coalitions of True-Lovers AND/OR Domineering-Bullies ARE: (A) Committed-To; (B) Have-Let-Go-Of; (C) Are Tolerant-Of; (D) Are Intolerant-Of; (E) Are Fearful-Of; (F) Are Anxious-About; (G) Have-Renounced: (H) Have-Exposed; (I) Play-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception-About; (J) Have-Transcended; (K) Are-Ignorant-Of; etc. EACH OF THE FOLLOWING: 1. Hopes for: Invulnerability, Risk-Avoidance, Risk-Management, Risk-Transcendence Eternal-Life, A-Ticket-into-Heaven, Protection-from-Hell, God's-Acceptance, God's- Blessings, Unilateral-Forgiveness, Unconditional-Forgiveness, etc. 2. Admiration-of, Honoring-of, Affirmations-of, Demonstrations-of, Reverence-Toward, and/or Utilitarian-Uses-Of:
   a. Pretentions   and/or   Open-and-Honest-Dialogues;
   b. Dishonesty    and/or   Authentic-Intimacies;
   c. Cleverness    and/or   Hospitality-Hospitals;
   d. Technologies  and/or   Kind-Sympathy-and-Empathy;
   e. Domination    and/or   Liberation;
   f. Hubris        and/or   Cooperation-and-Collaboration;
   g. Attacks       and/or   Reconciliations;  

3. The following items viewed as being essential to the survival of:   civilization,
civility, security, proprieties, authenticity, personal-and-communal-integrities,
communal-health-care, distributive-justice, economic-growth, sustainable-life-styles:

   a. Myths affirming REDEMPTIVE: violence, coercion, controls, domination, military-
      industrial-congressional-complexes, corporations-dedicated-exclusively-to-profits-
      for-their-investors, preparations-for-wars, and the copying of the Life-Styles-of-
      Domineering-Bullies in efforts to Control-Them and/or to Defeat-Them.

   b. Playing-to-WIN: Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- With-Hidden-Rules.

   c. Unilateral forms of: Salvation, Redemption and/or Rescue,

   d. Redemption, Salvation and/or Rescue through: Laws, Prescriptions, Proscriptions,
      Demands, Commands, Commandments, Conformity, Obedience and/or Successful-Committments
      and/or Covenants Loyally-Supported.

   e. Being-Together in Shalom's Many-Different-Gracious-Ways of Building-and-Maintaining
      Communal-Sanctuaries for ALL of the Crew of Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth to Enjoy;
      within Open-and-Honest-Dialogue about all of the True-Basic-Needs of Every-Member of the
      Exponentially-Growing-Whole-Crew of Space-Ship-Earth --- which is almost totally isolated 
      from Extra-Terrestrial sources of Material-Resources like those found in Space-Ship-Earth.

4. Isolated and/or Well-Integrated-Clusters of: Ideals, Values, Principles, Guidelines, Virtues,
   Vices, Desires, Wants, Hopes, Expectations, Standards and Commandments.

5. Intentionally Psychologically-Disintegrating-People-and-Communities --- to make PARTS-OF 
   People and/or Communities - - - more easy to: manage, control, dominate, and/or eliminate.