The following text describes some Essential-Steps-that-Must-Be-Taken-to-Regain-Health - - - but which are Exceedingly-Difficult-To-Take after Seduction and/or Coercion into: honoring, tolerating, admiring and/or showing reverence to - - - the Life-Styles of Domineering Bullies. Consider here the following three steps-toward Healing-the-Victims' Own-Alienative-Conflicts and Mitigating their Own-Alienations. These are NOT esay steps for anybody to take! Beware of assuming otherwise! 1. Let-Go of what has been mandatory in the Traditional Life Styles. 2. Describe how that which has been traditionally madatory; has been Inherently-Alienative. 3. Renounce as-publically-as-possible, that which has been Traditionally-Mandatory - - - as Being-Inherently-Destructive of all that is Essential to Both Personal-and-Communal - - - Integration-Processes and Present-Integrities of all kinds. In the absence of any well created-and-maintained Communal-Sanctuary-for-ALL, the above steps are exceedingly difficult for anybody to take. Let-go-of-Pretenses!