Domineering-Bullies are often preoccupied with issues about Who is Properly-in-Control of Proper-Conformity regarding What-is-Proper. Powerful-People can be identified by recognizing who is giving and enforcing demands and commands! Powerful-People are those who can demand, command, judge and punish vulnerable people --- as emperors, kings and queens have done in keeping with the Life-Styles of most ALIENATIVE-Domineering-Bullies. Good-People are those who can control the behaviors of Evil-People. People who are Not-In-Control are Evil-People. Good-People are those who are In-Control of Inferior-People, and so are ALIENATED-From Inferior-People. The tricky part of the above --- is being In-Control of Who knows Who- is-Good; and being In-Control of Who knows Who-is-Evil --- when ALIENATION is the Fruit of all efforts to be In-Control of Reflexive-Relationships! We must be In-Control of Reflexive-Relationship in order to be Good- Domineering-Bullies who are In-Control-Of Inferior-People Who-are-Evil! It is Tricky to be In-Control of People-Properly-Playing Collusive-Games- of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- because it is Taboo-to-Know what the Good-Rules are. That makes it hard to Enforce the Good-Rules. Yet, Good-People can do that; without getting confused or alienated? You can be sure of that! Better Be-Sure of That!