It is clear that it is risky to trust just a very small number of ISOLATED ideals, values and/or principles --- as being adequate guides toward personal and communal integrity. One of them is clearly not enough to be a reliable IDOL in an IDOLATROUS-SYSTEM! How many can be together and be adequate as a set? With what set of ideals, values, virtues, principles, etc. included? What particular set of mutually complementary foci can be trusted to be adequate as a set to guide us in a very wide range of contexts --- toward personal and communal integrations and integrities. For each such adequate set; can anybody discern a context in which it would be essential to add some particular ideal, value, principle, virtue, etc. --- to be adequately protected in guidance? Is there any particular set of mutually-complementary: ideals, values, principles and virtues --- which is adequate in all imaginable contexts? What is that set? How long will it continue to be fully adequate? Who knows? Who can be SURE? Is there more than one such fully adequate set of foci? Are the sets of fully adequate foci really different --- if they are all fully adequate? How many "fully adequate sets" might there be? Do people have Alienative-Conflicts over which one of the Fully-Adequate-Sets is "BEST"? Where is "evil" in the processes of conflict over which Fully-Adequate-Set is "BEST"? In people? In arrogance? In self-righteousness? In coercion? In Alienative-Conflicts? In Alienative- Relationships? How can we be SURE?