It may be helpful to ask people who are involved in Alienative-Conflicts over How-Much their governments should-do, and over How-Much-Taxes the citizens should pay - - - to mark the following items with numbers in the range: +3, +2, +1, 0, -1, -2, -3 as regards what their governments should "+" and should-NOT-DO "-". 1. Minimize taxes, 2. Minimize Governmental-Services, 3. Minimize Governmental-Regulations, 4. Provide Police-Protection, 5. Maximize Prison Services, 6. Maintain Good Roads that are fast and safe to drive on, 7. Maintain Safe Bridges, 8. Prosecute Criminals, 9. Promote Profitable Business Environments for all people, 10. Minimize Immigration of Foreigners, 11. Minimize Governmental Regulations of Profitable Businesses, 12. Minimize Governmental Regulations of Profitable Banks, 13. Minimize Governmental Regulations of Profitable Investment-Businesses, 14. Serve to promote the Common-Good of All-of-US. 15. Assure that all of us get essential basic health care. 16. Protect all of us against plagues. 17. Protect all of us against financial fraud by criminals. 18. Treat basic education as the foundation for authentic democracy for all. 19. Show no religion any form of favoritism or discrimination. 20. Prevent elections from being sold to the highest bidder. 21. Fight Terrorism with overwhelming Power and Violence. 22. Work to help all people to Mitigate their own Alienative Conflicts. 23. Privatize most governmental services to maximize private corporations' profits. When the responses have been tallied, it would be helpful for participants to engage in open and honest dialogue about their different patterns of responses.