There are enduring debates about the "just" use of concentrate wealth and powers in: 1. Just-War Theories. 2. Just-War Decisions. 3. Just-War Rationalizations, 4. Just-War in relation to Genocide, 5. Just-War in relation to Terrorism, 6. Just-War in relation to Economic-Conflicts, 7. Just-War in relation to Economic Hit-Men, 8. Just-War in responding to non-conforming Pacifists, 9. Just-War in responding to non-violent-resistors to Domineering-Bullies'-Actions, 10. Just-War in responding to True-Lovers Speaking-Truth to Concentrated-Powers-and-Wealth. Embedded each of the above, are questions about how safe it is for us to trust, respect, admire, revere or tolerate: 1. Priorities set --- due to people respecting, honoring or worshipping any Economic-System where computations play central/essential roles in making political decisions. 2. People who trust, respect, revere, admire, tolerate or embody the Life-Styles of Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters. 3. Concentrations of Alienative: Wealth, Power, Technologies and/or Technocrats. 4. Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes and/or Corporations. 5. Unilateral forms of Redemption, Salvation and/or Rescue. 6. Corporations Dedicated Primarily to Providing-Profits to Powerful-Wealthy-Investors. 7. People preoccupied with controlling healthy humane intimacies. 8. People preoccupied with controlling healthy humane communications. 9. People preoccupied with interpreting ancient scriptures --- apart from current experiences. 10. People preoccupied with interpreting authoritative statements --- about humane behaviors.