In CONTENTIOUS: arguments, verbal battles, debates and contests --- the focus is upon defeating the others, and winning --- at the expense of the others. Mutually-complementary-truths, mutual- understanding, integrative-insights and mutual-reconciliation are not-relevant in-such-efforts. In-the-long-term such alienative-efforts are futile and a waste of time, energy, resources and creativity. Such alienative efforts need to be overall mitigated by those who are involved in them. Getting dragged into such efforts is a overall-net-loss to all who are affected thereby. When, however, someone asks you why you: (a) believe something, (b) trust an attitude or (c) admire a life-style --- while demonstrating an interest in Open-and-Honest-Dialogue and in building bridges of mutual-understanding regarding differing perspectives --- that is a significant opportunity to advance learning and to Mitigate Alienative Conflicts! Make your best efforts to cooperate graciously in such opportunities when they occur!