Alienative-Conspiracy-Theories are popular for a variety of reasons: 1. Examples of real-alienative-conspiracies can easily be found --- to confirm that such realities do exist --- so making it easier to get people to believe in unsubstantiated-allegations about some additional alienative-conspiracies --- that "should" be taken seriously and given much attention and credence--- with additional-alienation thereby-generated. 2. If there are as many real alienative conspiracies as are alleged to exist; the world is a hopeless place in which no mere mortal can hope to make any real difference --- so we are all thereby absolved of all responsibility, guilt and shame! We are free! It is a cheap form of salvation, that costs us only some depressing imagination guided by fear and anxiety leading to more alienation! Good deal! 3. The best conspiracies will be the ones that have most effectively hidden themselves (through good collusive-games-of-mutual-self-deception); so the absence of evidence about such conspiracies is good evidence that they are the best ones which have made themselves totally non-detectable. Case closed! 4. Evidence that people can detect, understand, and resolve their own real/tragic Alienative-Conflicts and real-technical-problems that are complex --- is "inconvenient-evidence" and is likely to make most people very uncomfortable. Under "majority-rule" it is best to ignore such "inconvenient-evidence"! 5. The notion that there can exist Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception" is preposterous! Why would any fool be involved in such a foolish game that cannot be won! Besides, there is no evidence that such preposterous "things" exist! Is there? 6. There is nothing that we who have no wealth or power can do to make the world a better place in which to live! Why try? Case closed! We are free of troubles as we slip into hell in free-fall!