The following sets of numbered lines suggest/describe mutually-exclusive realities. To affirm one-fully; often suggests rejecting contrasting and mutually-complementary realities. To accept or tolerate one fully, often suggests rejecting or not-tolerating others. ODD-Lines and EVEN- Lines do not mix graciously. Be-Aware and Beware! Compare lines adjacent to each-other in the vertical sense. THINK! 1. Best, Superior, Favored, Dominant, Prevailing, Winner. 2. Integrated, Balanced, Mutual, Appreciation, Creative. 3. Good, Evil, Enemy, Traitor, Loyal, Poor, Rich, Right. 4. Spectrum, Coherent, Authentic, Honorable, Dialogue. 5. Black, White, Odd, Even, Right, Wrong, Loser, Dead. 6. Generous, Hospitable, Hospital, Reconciled, Trustworthy. 7. Greedy, Hoarding, Concentrated, Purified, Superior. 8. Sharing, Shalom, Integrities, Integrations, Tolerant. 9. Rejection, Excommunication, Shunned, Banished, Punished. 10. Included, Welcomed, Cooperation, Intimacy, Trusted, Love. 11. Either, Or, Dichotomous, Polarized, Contentious, Yes, No. 12. Mixed, Combined, Integrated, Spectrum, United, Authentic. 13. Violence, Demands, Commands, Coercion, Force, Terror, Hate. 14. Gentle, Kind, Sympathy, Empathy, Understand, Listener, Meek. ODD-People who favor and focus intently upon ODD-Realities --- are often Domineering-Bullies who cannot cooperate with otherS - - - in any gracious ways. True-Lovers affirm EVEN-Realities in inclusive-and-creative-ways-of-shalom; and thereby Cooperate-Together in Building-and-Maintaining Communal-Sanctuaries-of-Shalom for ALL-OTHERS who are Willing-to-Cooperate as True-Lovers-in-LOVE --- who enjoy-being-together in such ways.