**** Course Keys See the previous essay! The Spirits Within-Which and/or With-Which we SACRIFICE the greatest/most-key-portions of our Personal-and-Communal Integrities-and-Processes-of-Integrations --- are the Central/Key IDOLS of our Modern-Forms-of-Idolatry; etc. : 1. Being Invulnerable, 2. Being Risk-Free, 3. Being Ultimately-Dominant, 4. Being Perfectly-Superior, 5. Being Winners in Ultimate-Competitions, 6. Being Defeaters of all Challengers, 7. Being Richer than all Challengers, 8. Being Most-Secure and Self-Confident, 9. Being Most-Free to do as we Please, 10. Being Most-In the Laps-of-Luxuries. 11. Dominating the Most-Vulnerable-People, 12. Managing the Most-Vulnerable-People, 13. Getting the Most Overall-Attention in Our-Way, 14. Managing the Greatest-Investment-Portfolio, 15. Creating the Most-Intimidating-Forms-of-Terror, 16. Repressing the Most-Powerful-Challengers, 17. Winning the Most-Collusive-Games of Mutual-Self-Deception, 18. Living the Longest and Most Luxurious Lives, 19. Outlasting the Most-Extreme-Challengers, 20. Managing the Kingdom of Heaven for God.