What is the nature of the integrity of "the economy" of any community?  Of any nation?  The World?

What are the reliable signs that "the economy" is healthy?  Well-Integrated?

 1. That IT is "growing" bigger and bigger each year?

 2. That more people become more wealthy each year?

 3. That more "goods" are manufactured each year?

 4. That more money changes hands more often each year?

 5. That more waste goes into the dumps each year?

 6. That more matter gets recycled, rather than damped each year?

 7. That more people are enjoying having more "goods" each year?

 8. That more medical procedures are "done" each year?

 9. That more money is saved and invested "securely" each year?

10. That a smaller fraction of all people have poor health care each year?

When evaluating the "health" of "the economy" what differences does IT make when:

 1. The poor and vulnerable rarely have adequate preventive health care?

 2. The rich get richer, by investing in health insurance companies; and the poor get sicker?

 3. Health-Insurance companies profit by regulating access to health care for the poor?

 4. Distributive-Justice is Systematically-Denied because of the Concentrated Powers of the Rich?

 5. The poor and the rich are becoming more totally alienated from each other?

 6. More Wealth and Power get more concentrated each year into fewer hands?

 7. The poor and vulnerable become more hopeless and desperate each year?

 8. The rich and powerful become more arrogant each year?

 9. Hierarchies and caste systems become more entrenched each year?

10. Violence become more routine and taken for granted each year?

In what ways can such systemic economic systems' injustices and alienations and alienative-
conflicts --- be graciously mitigated by those who are entrapped in them?  On whose initiatives?
On the basis of what understandings and affirmations of what clusters of what key-realities:

 a. Assumptions?
 b. Attitudes?
 c. Hopes?
 d. Expectations?
 e. Aspirations?
 f. Ideals?
 g. Values?
 h. Principles?
 i. Virtues?
 j. Truths?
 k. Convictions?
 l. Beliefs?
 m. Guidelines?
 n. Parables?
 o. Myths?